Welcome to my website!

If you've come here willingly you've made a severe lapse in judgement

I'm Cold! I'm a programmer, artist, musician, and game developer.

This site contains my games, art, and music.

I make things!

I make games at my Itch!

More secretive is my art, which I don't post elsewhere!

I also make music but like rarely.


I read things! Sometimes! Less than I'd like!

Here's a? Reading list? It'll have stuff I've read/wanna read.

Be warned, it's gonna be all compsci all the way down.

Open Source!

I use Godot to make my games, all of which have their source available on my github (see links)

Additionally, if you'd like to see the code behind this site (There's a few moving parts, y'know!) it's available here!

Bloggy-type posts below!